Venue Hire

The Mt Eden Village Centre offers 6 room available for hire: Church, Hall, Lounge, Meeting room, Foyer and the Kitchen.

Our range of venues means we can cater for a wide range of customers, including businesses, public sector, non profits, community groups and organisations as well as social bookings. Included below are room capacities and a brief description and hire rates. Hire rates are in different categories and listed in hourly and daily rates.

All our rooms are cleaned with plant based products and we offer composting and recycling on site. The centre is part of a community initiative to work towards zero waste in Mt Eden Village to reduce waste going to landfill.

Floor Plan and a Leaving Checklist for leaving the centre as well as the Alcohol Policy are available to download.

Price structure:

As we cater for a wide range of business and community clients, different room rates apply depending on the nature of the group or organisation.

L1 – Commercial: Commercial or Non-charitable: Where an individual may be expected to gain a pecuniary advantage from the use of the facility. Or when the use of the facility does not provide benefits to the wider community, for instance: weddings, birthday celebrations, engagement parties, hens nights and baby showers.

L2 – Charitable Purposes: Where no individual gains a pecuniary advantage, discounts may apply to confirmed ongoing bookings. Please enquire with the centre manager. All rates listed below are including Gst

Daily rates:
Our reduced daily rate is for a maximum booking time of 9 hours, any additional time will be charged with our hourly rate.

Additional hours:
Any additional time in the venue spent either setting up or packing up is chargeable.

Church - room size: L: 17.4m, W: 8.8m

Mt Eden_MtEdenVillageCentre_Church07Mt Eden_MtEdenVillageCentre_Church03Mt Eden_MtEdenVillageCentre_Church04
Capacity is 200 people (either standing or seated theatre style) – Suitable for private functions, hui, weddings, receptions, gatherings, performances, rehearsals, art exhibitions and workshops.

Hourly rates:  L1: $96.60     L2: $77.05
Daily rates:                         L2: $471.50 

Bookings in the church have some restrictions in order to work with the congregation and need to be discussed with the centre manger.

The Hall: - room size: L:13.7m, W:7.9m

Capacity is approximately 200 people depending on the event. Suitable for meetings, workshops, exercise, dance, yoga, pilates and drama classes, art exhibitions.

Hourly rates: L1: $69.00     L2: $35.00
Daily rates:    L1: $379.50   L2: $212.75

The Lounge:


Including kitchenette, capacity is 20-30 people seated. Multi purpose room suitable for meetings, workshops, film screenings, classes and small conferences etc.

Hourly rates: L1: $34.50      L2: $23.00
Daily rates: L1: $189.75       L2: $138.00

The Meeting Room:

Capacity is 20 people seated. Multi purpose room suitable for meetings, workshops, classes and small conferences etc.

Hourly rates: L1: $34.50    L2: $23.00
Daily rates:   L1:189.50      L2: $103.50

The Kitchen:

The centre has a new renovated and fully equipped kitchen which can be used to cook food for your event, cooking classes or to prepare tea and cake for you function. The kitchen is equipped with: two stoves, fridge, steriliser for the dishes, pie heater, instant boiling water cylinder, crockery to cater for around 100 people. We have two different rates for the kitchen depending on use. Please note, the kitchen is NOT approved to prepare food for sale.

Hourly rates: L1: $52.90         L2: $25.30

Other rates:

Mt Eden Village Centre (booking of the whole centre):
Hourly rates: L1: $218.50        L2: $154.10
Daily rates:                              L2: $825.70

Hall & lounge:
Hourly rates:   L1: $85.00            L2: $40.20
Daily rates:     L1: $ 569.26         L2: $259.90

Hall & kitchen:
Hourly rates:  L1: $109.70       L2: $54.05
Daily rates:     L1: $ 632.50      L2: $330.05

Church & kitchen:
Hourly rates: L2: $82.80
Daily rates:   L2: $589.95

Projector (Bond $200.00):
L1: $50.00
L2: $25.00

Projector screen:
L1: $25.00    L2:$5.00

Piano: $15.00/h

Art exhibitions in the foyer, the hall or church:

Both the foyer and the hall have clip rails installed to hang up artwork.


1. Rates for Foyer:

Level 1 – up to one week – $46.00 per day
Level 2 – more than one week – $23.00 per day
This is on the understanding that access is only available when the centre is open. If the exhibitor wants longer access then they need to be present when the centre would otherwise be closed. The foyer is a communal space and therefore only the walls are available to display art, i.e. no tables or display stands.

2. Rates for the hall:

Hourly rate when the hall is specifically open for the exhibition $35.00 per hour. This means that when exhibits remain and others are using the hall the exhibitor gets viewing for free. However the exhibits must be removed if a hirer does not want the exhibits present during their hire.

Responsibility and liability for loss rests with the exhibitor.